Zazenkai takes place on the first Sunday of each month. See the next date here>>

Zazenkai is a half-day meditation intensive. It includes seated meditation, walking meditation, chanting, silent breakfast, work practice, and breaks.

The schedule includes the regular Sunday morning periods of zazen. Everyone is welcome for any part of the schedule, but if you plan to attend the whole morning starting at 6 am, please register with Kevin by email so we have enough food for breakfast. See the full schedule below.


6:00  Zazen

6:40  Kinhin

6:50  Zazen

7:20  Morning chant service

7:40  Silent, self-serve breakfast (We usually serve grain, fruit and nuts; yogurt optional. Tea is available during the break.)

8:00  Break

8:20 zazen

8:45  Break

9:00  Zazen (Regular Sunday zazen. All are welcome.)

9:30  Kinhin

9:40  Zazen

10:10  Work period (light house cleaning or yard work)

10:50 zazen

11:20   kinhin

11:30 zazen

Noon  Closing chant