Boundless Zendo

Forest Hill Lake

Boundless Zendo takes place in Forest Hill Park. We meet in the parking lot at New Kent and 42nd St., then walk silently to a shaded site on Reedy Creek. Check the Upcoming Events page for the next date >>.

Find a map here >>.

Mountains and rivers right now actualize the way of ancient buddhas. –Dogen Zenji

Boundless Zendo is an opportunity to practice zazen outdoors with the presence of trees, birds, rocks, and clouds. The Buddha and his disciples practiced exclusively in forest and field. Through the centuries, many Buddhist teachers and poets, such as Han Shan and Ryokan, wandered and lived with the sky as their roof. We discover Boundless Zendo on the third Saturday of each month. Zazen will be followed by tea, refreshments, and conversation.

Bring your own cushion and groundcloth (tarp, leaf bag, yoga mat). Tea and refreshments are provided.

For more information, email Kevin.